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Commercial Interior Designers in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai

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Commercial Interior Designer in Navi Mumbai & Mumbai

Why AKS Decors as your Commercial Interior Designer in Mumbai?

Smartly designed offices play a significant role in nurturing and fostering every employee's performance with company growth. Office spaces happen to be the second most inhabitant place after one's residence. AKS decors flexible design creates your ideal workspace and recreates it again as your needs evolve. We create effective solutions that cater to the sensibilities of the brands and people.

Our command over design, color, space management, and utility planning creates a space so unique that emerges as a benchmark in office design. Collaboration, conversation, exchange of ideas.

Key Expertise as Best Commercial Interior Designer in Mumbai

  • Modular and efficient.
  • Custom made design
  • Improves productivity
  • Quality assurance
  • Attention to details
  • Years of experience
  • Creates a variety of spaces

Corporate office:

The team at AKS Decors consists of the best Commercial Interior Designers over Mumbai & Navi Mumbai who give you an inviting place for your staff to work, create, and rejuvenate while keeping the budget, safety, and space in mind. Your office is an extension of you as a brand and its philosophy. We design and implement the Reception area, conference room, MD cabins, executive cabin, cuboids, pantry area, server room, storeroom, admin, H.R, accounts. Lounges, recreational area, socialite, vlogger offices, and many more. We try to create a fun and functional office.

We also focus on occupancy rate, multifunctional features, organization work culture, and job profile of end-users while designing. Apart from that, small details like wire management, server rooms, fit and finish, and space utilization is looked at.

Retail showroom:

Functionality and flexibility are the most important factors while designing a retail showroom.

Restaurant and Bar:

AKS decors projects its brief and creates an experience that lies at the intersection of food, music, and space. We try to create a free-flowing space for blissful views.

Institutional interior:

We make an effort to open up spaces. Light is used as a construction material to create a drama of light and shade in interactive learning.

Exterior designing:

As the weather and light are constantly changing, the exterior designs should adapt to themselves gracefully.

Clinic design:

Create a tailor-made clinic/ outpatient hospital with our ever-expanding design ideas. Pick and choose the components you need to keep your clinic delightfully clutter-free and serene.


AKS decors design to reflect vibrancy and youthfulness and yet be clothed in style and elegance. Brightly colored toys, games, books are some elements of playschool.

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