2 BHK Earthy Interior

Category Residential
Year 2011
Location Navi Mumbai
Area 650 Square Feet
Client Mr & Mrs Vaidya

Concept Note

The ability to bring nature into your home has been an ambition that homeowners have strived for over the centuries. For generations humans love the natural and organic appeal of elements that make them feel calm, at peace and above all welcomed into space. One such concept aks decors designed and implemented. 
Earth tones describe a color palette inspired by the colors we find in nature. Warm browns, camel, sienna, and umber, soft grays and tans all blend to form a harmonious and welcoming interior in this home.
Complementing each other with their different colors and tone they revive living room space. We selected style because it represents the perfect earthy and modern vibe for each room. Tailored storage units on the wall and other playful decor elements create a personal atmosphere in the house. 
The painted decor on the wall continues with artifacts giving dimensional depth for space. Wooden furniture and bamboo elements as well as other close to natural materials are strongly present.