1 BHK Dadar

Category Residential
Year 2016
Location Mumbai
Area 430 Square Feet
Client Dr Gavaskar

Concept Note

This apartment in Mumbai is completely refurbished with a new kitchen, bathroom, floors, partition walls and built-in furniture that provide ample space and a fresh atmosphere. The project stands out for the enhancement of space and its visual amplitude, for the natural light coming from the large windows in the room, and for the combination of textures and materials selected to compose the spaces. The apartment was left well-worn by its previous inhabitants.
The living room and kitchen entry were moved, connecting the two areas. To create a separation between the living rooms and the TV, we developed a piece of furniture made with glass and wood. The kitchen was covered in the floor with a beige tile with silver spacer details that creates a composition next to the cabinets made in pastel color doors.
All of the other walls in the apartment are left in the odd, neutral tone found beneath the wallpaper, complemented by the new elements, which follow this muted palette.
With a modest palette of white, tan, and grays we can highlight key elements in each room without any over-embellishment.