Combo Jumbo Koperkhairne

Category Hospitality
Year 2018
Location Navi Mumbai
Area 1600 Square Feet
Client Mr Ananth Doshi

Concept Note

We designed the entire project with the end-user in mind.  There are special touches around every corner that inspire the eye and delight the senses.  The interior spaces feel cozy yet fresh and modern.
The Wall art adds vibrancy through color and pattern, and each shape is complete with its own color/light art feature.
Its industrial-style interiors with distinctly different approaches.
Basement banquet Interior is an industrial-style enriched with an upscale classic coziness and modern features. Custom-built furniture pieces and wall light artwork give the imagination plenty to work with, whilst gritty decor shows just how to set the raw vibe.
This open aesthetic is carried through into the kitchen design, where open kitchen shelving displays glasses and art. The wall of prepositional shelving also includes a series of artificial planters.