Sheetal Resto

Category Commercial
Year 2011
Location Vashi
Area Navi Mumbai

Concept Note

Sheetal resto-bar is a well-known hang out in Navi Mumbai. a lot of pedestrians are crossing the sidewalk, following the request from the clients, we designed a new facade that directly relates to the street. So some adaptation was necessary, mainly in the plaster lining to add high and acoustic treatment, place a kitchen. Then, the bright colors, metallic meshes, backlit CNC were incorporated in the design. We design custom made furniture with metal structure, wooden tabletop, for sitting customers and standing customers with a quick drink. The light design had an important role in this project. It was controlled to create different perceptions of the space. Lowers lamps at the counter, neon lights that reinforce the brand signs, amber light bulbs combined with furniture and light string cords give personality and coziness inside the bar and at the external wooden deck.