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Turnkey Interior Projects in Navi Mumbai

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Turnkey Interior Projects in Navi Mumbai & Mumbai

Why choose us?

A full-service interior design firm, AKS Decors offers a turnkey solution for all kinds of residential, commercial, hospitality, and institutional spaces looking for turnkey interior projects. We have an in-house team for various scale projects to oversee every aspect of execution.


Emotions evoked by the built environment are connected to memories. Construction, especially while designing houses, gain life by reflecting the patterns and memories of those who inhabit it. From a small commission or a large scale project, the firm stays true to its design and the core of its philosophy by working with the best turnkey interior contractors. We deal with every task.selection of raw material is important to be ready and in stock, so that procurement is easy to complete the project in a defined period.


The architectural process involves understanding the forces of nature, trying to use their energy to create a healthy and efficient environment with the five elements sun, air, earth, water, sky becomes an integral part of the built. The studio provides turnkey civil, architecture, and interior design services along with furnishing, furniture, artifacts, luxury crockery, and light across residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces.

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