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Residential Interior Designers in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai

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Residential Interior Designer in Navi Mumbai & Mumbai

Your home is an extension of you. Our objective as the best Residential Interior Designer in Navi Mumbai is to provide a one-stop solution for all your home and lifestyle needs. Our designing versatility assures clients, a solution tailored to their taste. You can be the creator of a place that reflects your personality and a home to keep your joyous moments as precious memories forever.

Why AKS Decors as your Residential Interior Designers in Navi Mumbai?

You wonder! Do you need AKS decors as your interior designer? The short answer is “yes”.

We take you straight to the source of design and manage every single detail for you. It is because we spent years perfecting our craft. This makes us aware of every single detail that needs to be looked at while designing a space. We are well trained to look at a space creatively, spatially, and pay attention to everything from the placements of lights to furniture.

Being the best in Navi Mumbai, our team of Residential Interior designers can see an overall picture in an interior space that clients often cannot. Thinking outside of the box when it comes to home decor is what Team AKS does regularly. Technical Expertise And Quality assurance. We minimize development costs to clients through the use of innovative and appropriate construction systems. If you notice a well-designed home/office OR Villa and try to do it by yourself, but then you’re stuck juggling the many elements that go into designing.

A team of qualified residential interior designers trained in Mumbai specifically to do this job for you. And when they’re done, not only will your home look beautiful and cohesive, but it’ll be well thought out and highly functional. Transfer of Ideas from Different Sectors.

A designer looks at design solutions from a fresh perspective due to the constant transfer of ideas between the different sections of leisure, education, and residential. The design adds value to your asset and a better-designed building is a pleasure to work and live in.

We’re here to help you put the delight into decorating, as you express your ideas and we beautify your home with on-trend ideas and high-quality materials. Whatever your home or budget size, we can create an aspiring look for the perfect price. Be inspired by themes we create that deliver an artful, coordinated look as you move around your residence. We discuss the completed brief along with themes, styles, materials necessary to estimate the project and get started.

Kitchen interior design:

AKS decors plans the kitchen according to your lifestyle. The kitchen is a core element in any size of an apartment. Modern seamless kitchen to traditional kitchen, we have worked widely. For optimum efficiency, your cooking, cleaning, and storage areas should form a triangle for easy movement. If you’re used to entertaining regularly an open kitchen concept overlooking dining is best. Proper planning of the service platform is crucial.

Placement of spoons, knives, planning of each bunch of baskets or tall larder unit needs to be within arm’s reach. We plan and customize every part in the kitchen as per the client's requirement and space. Storage solutions and finishes from light and airy to compact and colorful. Heavy-duty drawers with adjustable partitions and soft closer, heavy utensil storage, and many more we cover.

Bedroom interior designing:

Create the bedroom of your dreams with spaces designed to inspire the artful homemaker in you. We offer customized options to fit any room size and personal style, combining the highest quality materials with superior designs. With a range of designs, storage solutions, and finishes from light and airy to compact and colorful, we can create the perfect bedroom to suit your needs. Whether you’re going for soothing and calming or bold and dynamic, our classic and modern collections offer something for every taste.

Wooden/ PVC flooring:

We offer a variety of materials, finishes, and techniques at affordable prices.

3D floor plan:

Can’t decide, how the final space would look like? What to put on the walls, what soft furnishing to furniture to use? Every question can be answered in the 3D floor plan, it gives an idea about what your space might look like.

AKS decors aid you with a variety of 3D Rendering Services spanning residential, commercial, hospitality, or structures. 3D Renderings interior and Exterior, Floor Plans, Walkthroughs.

Furniture design:

AKS decors furniture design strength lies in design, innovation, exquisite detailing, and quality workmanship. All furniture is custom made or picked up with precision by the AKS decors team. Durability, functional, texture finishes are the keys. Furniture is just the beginning, we keep creating new designs as per the situation of the space.

We envision and developed in-house a unique range of furniture.outdoor and indoor furniture, including handcrafted, doors to the window we create everything.

Light design:

Lights and color are the key factors in any design. It can transform a space, give life to construction, and play tricks on the eye to entreat the unimaginable. We deal with around every type of light such as Chandelier, Pendant lights, fabric lamp, metal, ceramic, profile lights, spotlight, indirect light, direct light, ambiance light, mood lights.

Bathroom interior designing:

AKS decors offers stunning designs providing a decidedly luxurious experience. A well-decorated space is completed with tasteful bathroom fittings. We provide every service required for the fitting of a bathroom, powder area, and many more wet areas. We try to break monotones by adding ornate wallpapers, huge mirrors, and also intricately carved ceilings adding to the plush quotient.

Kids room interior design:

A magic wand of creativity can make the impossible happen in a kid's bedroom. Fabulous magical girls themed bedroom will delight your little princesses and ignite their imagination. Your young action heroes will jump for joy with our adventure-themed bedroom. New planets and exploring the magic of the sea world on their quest to get home. Your little ones will have endless fun in their new bedroom.

Home office interior:

The evolving modular home offices are increasingly becoming functional and creative. We break down space to individually configurable elements to adapt different needs from a compact kit to full functional components.

Dining room:

Dramatic and dynamic dining, effortlessly radiating good looks, showcasing a traditional silhouette dining, English country charm dining, or an uptown dining, we can create the perfect look for your residence as per your taste.

Villa interior:

The old meets the new, tradition gets a modern makeover and every element that goes into creating a well-designed villa tells a story. A determined mix of elegance and free-spiritedness that make designs so unique.


AKS decors have a strong vision for bungalow and the lifestyle clients aspire. From modern interpretation to conventional architecture the structure language can be remarkably boundless. Open to the sky, fishpond, swimming pool, the list can be never-ending for the concept of design. We are keen on the use of sustainable materials, climate study, and technology.

Apartment interior design:

Currently, people are stressed, they live within boundaries and areal,most on the edge. AKS decors, apartment concept and design open the human mind and create an uplifting experience.

Color and wallpaper:

We have a diverse collection of textures, colors, and products that are characterized by elegance. As per the design process, we first decide the decor palette. The Interior that evokes unique grandeur is textured by a rich palette of colors and finishes.

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